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In today’s cutthroat business world, regardless of product or service your company provides, time is money. Most sales team is constantly fighting to keep up with the demands of their schedules and closing deals. Cost effective appointment is crucial to the survival of most businesses within industries such as financial and any business-related service.

There is no denying that the telephone is a very effective tool with which to expose your product or service to potential customers. At Prime Time Promotional, we have turned appointment setting into somewhat of an art and our team of professional appointment setters understand people are more apt to conduct business with people they like and respect. We will get your message across to prospective customers in a manner that that properly represents your brand and values.


Appointment Setting Services Offered

+  B2B Appointment Setting Services
+  B2C Appointment Setting Services
+  Healthcare
+  Event Registration
+  Tech Sales
+  Conference Registration
+  Telemarketing
+  And More


How Appointment Setting Works at Prime Time Promotional

Let’s face it, appointment setting is a difficult part of developing any business, and that translates into a challenge for any company when it comes to growing your sales and profitability. Most businesses need a constant flow of sales leads and appointment setting for their sales team. The challenge comes while your sales team is closing deals, they also need to devote time to generating new leads and appointments. And we’re sure you can agree that any sales team would rather work on closing a deal than prospecting new leads and appointments.

This is where Prime Time Promotional steps in with an attractive, cost effective solution guaranteed to bring you so many qualified leads/appointments that you may need to hire more people to close the deal. Our expert representatives will schedule appointments with a qualified decision maker who is educated and truly interested in your company’s products or services. You will see decreased costs, an increased number of qualified sales for your sales team to close, resulting in increased revenue and profitability.


Appointment Setting Features

  1. Our team of appointment setters can generate appointments from a multitude of sources. We can use your existing prospect list, an unqualified list that you provide, or we can supply calling lists from a variety of third parties. Really, it comes down to the needs of your company. Whatever works best for you.
  2. The script that our agents use will be created and fully customized with the help of your team in order to ensure consistency on how we promote your brand and product or service. If you prefer, our agents are also trained in appointment setting using a free-flowing, relaxed conversation that will represent your company in a trusted manner. The choice, of course is up to you.
  3. After an appointment is set, we can transfer the live call directly to your sales team, or, we can “set” the appointment using your company’s or our own online appointment scheduling system. Additionally, we can provide your sales team access to the recordings of the appointment setting for preparation of their follow-up call.
  4. We can also do outbound voice messaging or reminder emails to the prospect regarding the pending appointment.
  5. Our appointment setting team will also provide the prospect with an inbound toll-free number or email address they can use in case they need to reschedule or cancel an appointment.


Skilled Sales Personnel

Prime Time Promotional has a history of providing superior programs for business sales staff, medical professionals, insurance companies and many others. Our experience spans all project sizes, generating appointments for individual sales reps to large corporations.

We like to take a unique approach when it comes to appointment setting. Our team is staffed with seasoned salespeople and industry experts that know how to sell and are extremely articulate. They can interact with the highest-level decision makers on the technical and usability of the product or service they are offering.


Outsource Your Appointment Setting Services to Prime Time Promotional

With laser beam focus we will get you appointments with the right people. Your sales team’s chancing of closing a deal will skyrocket by partnering with us. Don’t let this opportunity to complement your sales team and meet the people who matter pass you by!


Rely On Prime Time Promotional

When it comes to appointment setting, Prime Time Promotional is in a class of its own. We are focused and determined to provide the best possible service to our clients and their customers or potential customers. Our principles are never compromised, and we firmly believe that there is no substitute for integrity. We are serious about representing your good name and look forward to a mutually rewarding and long-lasting relationship.


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