14 Perfect Benefits of Using Promotional Products and Custom Apparels

  • Jun 1, 2021



Did you know that more than 50 percent of adult consumers use at least one promotional product on a regular basis? That’s not all. A staggering 85 percent of those people tend to give more business to the advertised company! That’s the power of promotional products and custom apparel.

Promotional items can be anything you can present with your company’s brand identity or logo on it. From a pen to a T-shirt to a badge to a designer vase, you can use many different things to establish your brand in your customer’s mind and boost your brand recall value.

But, there are so many other benefits and uses of promotional products and custom apparel too. And we are here to share them exclusively with you. So without wasting any more time, let’s get started, shall we?


1.  Brand Awareness

We find promotional products are beneficial for boosting brand awareness in a target audience. The reasons are pretty simple. Custom apparel can turn your customers, clients, and employees into brand advocates. The ability to turn them into continuous advertising mediums seems ingenious. But it’s just science. Design high-quality branded promotional products and custom apparel, and your consumers will use them often and for a long time. However, don’t think your customers and employees will wear anything you give them. Make sure the promotional product designs are cool and functional.


2.  Business Gifts

Brands that create promotional products easily beat the competition. Why? It gives them a strong authority over their market as they put their clients and business partners before everything. This is why we recommend creating business gifts and using them to show how much you value your clients, partners, and vendors. But, what if every brand in the market does it? Well, you can take this strategy a step further and personalize your promotional products! It will involve finding out more about your clients and partners. In other words, you will put effort into creating a meaningful relationship with them. Use the information to create products they will enjoy and cherish!


3.  Customer Acquisition

Promotional gifts make an ideal marketing tool to facilitate customer acquisition. These promotional gifts are not annoying or intrusive and add value to the prospects’ lives. However, you will have to focus on creating well-designed gifts to make any impact. The gifts should remain in the prospect’s memory for a long time. So, design promotional gifts with your logo to eventually convert the prospects into paying customers.


4.  Customer Retention

Customer experience matters more than we can ever imagine. After all, it directly impacts the customer retention rate for any organization. We believe existing customers are as important as new customers. And therefore, we love designing promotional products that help businesses improve their customer retention rates. Invest in prospecting gifts, new clients gifts, check-in gifts, loyalty rewards, and customer support gifts. These gifts can be branded with your logo. Add personalized messages as well to improve customer experience.


5.  Distribution Services

Are you in the eCommerce industry and want to make an impact on your customers? We have the perfect solutions for you. eCommerce brands are quickly realizing how important it is to establish a strong relationship with customers. Most of them use personalized promotional items and gifts that are complementary to the products ordered.


6.  Employee Incentives

Many of our customers often ask how they can boost employee morale and push them to achieve better productivity. You can do so many things to increase employee productivity and make them reach the set goals. But one thing that can quickly get the job done is employee incentive. Come up with an employee incentive program that rewards or encourages employees with different levels of achievements. Why not use promotional gifts when employees reach a milestone? Create milestones and couple them with incentives that your employees will love to work for.


7.  Employee Recognition

Deep down, we all want to be recognized for our efforts. Employees must be appreciated for their efforts and dedication towards your company. Moreover, it serves as a motivator for the employees and can be advantageous for your organization as a whole. We talked about how promotional products can help with customer retention. Brands looking to improve employee retention can use this tactic as well. It can result in a dramatic, across-the-board improvement in your work culture as well. Always recognize the extraordinary things employees do to achieve the business goals.


8.  Employee Relations

How would you rate yourself when it comes to providing employee satisfaction? We are living in 2021, and employees today don’t just work for a salary. They want to know if the company they are working for cares about them or not. In other words, employees appreciate the efforts companies put into making them feel wanted and respected. Moreover, employee satisfaction is also linked to benefits and gifts. You can improve employee relations by welcoming recruits with useful branded products. In other words, make the most of that orientation program and kick things off in style.


9.  Market Research

Promotional products can be another great approach to building brand affinity and, at the same time, testing new products and services. Well, we always come up with new ideas for products. But, we are never too sure about how they will perform in the market. Using the products as promotional items or gifts can help you figure out what people think about them.


10. New Product or New Service

Are you launching new products and services for your brand? Well, we have been there too! The nervous moments surrounding the launch can make you lose sleep. But not when you can use the same products to get honest feedback. If you have a product coming down the line, make sure you gift the new products to your employees, relatives, a few close customers or showcase them as a concept at an event. You will benefit from the honest feedback and get a better insight into the launch.


11. Non-Profit or Not-for-Profit

Are you someone that often finds themselves working for a social cause? Are you passionate about helping others and want to appreciate the efforts done by non-profits? As a business owner, you can make the most of this opportunity to put your brand in the spotlight. Modern-day consumers look to associate with brands that take a stand on social causes. Sure, helping nonprofits achieve their targets is great. But, we suggest you take it a step further by adding promotional products to the list of items you send to the nonprofits. This is also a great way to connect your brand with social causes.


12. Public Relations

Do you often find yourselves representing your brand in public events or interviews? We suggest you take the promotional products and custom apparel to get more eyes on the brand you represent. Wear t-shirts, hats, armbands, and stickers that have your brand’s logo. Don’t let go of the opportunities to speak at different events. Bring your promotional items like pens and mugs to use on stage!


13. Trade Shows

Do you often participate in trade shows? We suggest you start putting your brand out there in trade shows as well. These are incredibly effective if you are looking to generate leads and offline engagement. However, generating booth engagement can be a massive challenge for you. Why? Brands compete fiercely to gain attention at trade shows. This is why you should plan to create high-quality promotional products and hand them personally to passers-by. Not just that, make these products extremely accessible by nailing their placement in and around your booth.


14. Workspace Wellness

Lastly, use items in the workplace to promote your brand too! You can design and customize your amenity kits, face masks, first aid kits, food containers, hand sanitizer, and other kitchen essentials. Not just that, you can gift these items to your employees and customers and make them use them at their homes. Connect with us to check out the best health promotional items for corporate wellness progress!


Keep Reading!

There you have it. We have shared some of the best use cases and benefits of incorporating promotional products and custom apparel in your online/offline marketing strategy. Hopefully, you will get inspired and create a line of promotional products for your brand as well. Need help designing spectacular promotional products? Don’t hesitate to connect with us! Our expert designers and marketers will design promotional products that match your brand guidelines and reflect your unique personality! Connect with us today.


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