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Telefundraising is a crucial fundraising tool for any non-profit. Choosing a call center for your fundraising needs can be a daunting task because the people who raise funds on your behalf are the face and voice of your organization. Running a successful non-profit takes a tremendous amount of time and energy and often times funding is mostly if not entirely dependent on contributions from charitable citizens.

Fundraising is time consuming. It’s important that it’s not a distraction from your day-to-day obligations of maintaining your organization. But we have good news for you – Prime Time Promotional Call Center is here to assist you. It doesn’t matter if we are acting on your behalf to raise funds for school programs, providing event registration for charitable events or making outbound calls to solicit donations for your non-profit, we can do it all.

At Prime Time Promotional, we understand that telefundraising should do two things – make and save you money. Our reputation for excellence carries over to our professional telephone fundraising services making us your ideal partner for raising funds.

In our experience, we have found that no amount of training can maximize conversion rates and provide a memorable donor experience if you don’t have the right people making the calls. By outsourcing your telefundraising needs to us we can provide you with a team that has been thoroughly vetted for their aptitude and attitude.


Our Approach to Telefundraising

We understand that fundraising isn’t just about donations – it also provides loyal supporters with unparalleled lifetime value. As representatives of your organization we will do our utmost to ensure that this is relayed during each and every interaction. The reputation and credibility of your organization is at stake. We will never stray from our core values and beliefs and as a result we will always go above and beyond for our clients in order to contribute to the success and growth of their organization.


Telefundraising Services Offered


Inbound and Outbound Telefundraising

Donors or potential donors may respond to an advertisement, website, email or direct mail campaigns to ask questions or to indicate an interest in giving. Our call center is equipped for inbound calls as well as outbound. We can also respond to emails if needed. We believe that it makes sense for the same agents that are handling outbound calls for your organization to handle inbound calls as well.


Training Method

During training our agents will be provided with the experience and education needed to qualify them to speak with your existing and potential donors. Every facet of your campaign will be covered along with an in-depth knowledge of your organization in order to optimize communication with your donors.


Quality Assurance

Agents will be constantly monitored and evaluated to maintain your organization’s integrity. You will also be able to monitor calls personally as you wish, either live or recorded. The constant monitoring of calls ensures that we remain compliant with the gauntlet of local, state and federal compliance requirements as well. Reports and feedback from you will assist us in our continual training processes to maintain the level of service you require.



The integrity and security of your organization, data and cause are of the utmost importance. Prime Time Promotional is fully compliant with government and industry regulations. Our controls are based on a variety of standards including HIPAA, PCI and NIST 800-53 rules and guidance

Prime Time Promotional retains the following certifications:

As well as the aforementioned certifications we also adhere to the following compliance and regulatory mandates:


Project Management

We believe that projects should be flexible to make sure that you have the most effective solutions in your grasp. Our project management involves up to the minute reports that provide important insights that allow modifications to be made in real time. This forward-thinking approach ensures that your project remains on target and on budget.


Data Storage

Your donor database is the lifeline of your business. We have secure servers and off-site data storage to guard against any loss of donor information.


Reach Your Goals with Prime Time Promotional!

Just as with any product or service, donors these days expect an exceptional experience. We’re experts in finding that one little thing that makes the difference for the donor and then repeating it every day, call after call. The most effective way to ensure your telefundraising campaign reaches its full potential is to remain on the cutting edge of the game.

At Prime Time Promotional, we have the right people with the right skills, who are willing to go that extra mile!

Give us a call to see what we’re all about. You won’t regret it. Contact us at 1-888-444-1470 or email


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